Isophobe Product Details

Instructions:Clean the surface by chipping / air blower / industrial cleaner followed by high pressure water - jet cleaning. Always dilute ISOPHOBE with clean water. Avoid hard water. Use the diluted solution within 4-8 hours. Do not store. Apply ISOPHOBE till saturation
Test:Scratch 0.5 to 1mm ISOPHOBE treated surface with a blade / knife. Put a drop water on the scratched surface as well as on the scratched powder material.Dry surface / powder confirms waterproofing.
Storage:Store in shady area away from direct sunlight between 5 ℃ to 45 ℃. Keep away from heat, ignition / sparks and from rain / standing water. Prevent the products from freezing. Keep the container of ISOPHOBE tightly colsed after every withdrawal when not in use. (product can start reacting with moisture in the ambient).
Shelf Life:ISOPHOBE 24 months when stored as recommended.
Application:Basement, Balconies, Elevator, Utility Areas, Podiums, Terraces, Toilets, Overhead Tanks, Swimming Pool / STP.
Appearance:Milky White Liquid.
Viscosity(25℃):20 - 100cps
Specific Gravity:0.91 +_ 0.02
Packaging:1Ltr, 5Ltrs, 20Ltrs.