Being a sister concern of Threesons Paints & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., We introduce ourselves as a leading Business house for marketing all kinds of industrial chemicals and pigments throughout South India. We are in the market for the last 35 years supplying chemicals to various industries such as Rubber, Plastics, Paints, Textiles, Battery manufacturers, Printing Ink etc. Our wide range of products mingled with our ever so enthusiastic marketing team has always ensured the delivery of quality products on time.

List of Sonam Chemical Industries Products

Amonium BicarbonateAcetic AcidAmonium BichromateAmonium Chloride
Amonium PhosphateAmonium NitrateAluminium StearateAcid Slurry
Antimony Tri OxideLiquor AmmoniaAcetoneBorax Crystal/Granular
Boric AcidBarium ChlorideBarium CarbonateBarium Nitrate
Barium SulphateButly CellosolveBenzoic AcidBenzene
Chromin AcidCarbon Tetra chlorideCyclohexalnoneCyclonexanol
Caustic Soda FlakesCaustic Potash FlakesChrome Oxide GreenChloroform
Copper SulphateCarbon BlackCalcium Chloride FusedCalcium Chloride Solid
Calcium CarbonateCitric AcidCalcium SilicateCalcium Stearate
D.A.PD.O.PD.B.PDi- Acetone Alcohol
Di- Ethylene GlycolDi-CalciumPhosphateDi- Amonium PhosphateEthlyl Acetate
E.D.T.AFormic AcidFormaldehydeFerric Chloride
Ferrous SulphateHyflosupercellHydrogen peroxideHexamine
Hydrochloric AcidHypoIsopropyl AlcoholLitharge
Lead AcetateM.E.KMagnesium SulphateM.I.B.K
Manganese SulphateMagnesium ChlorideMagnesium StearateMagnesium Oxide
MethanolNickel SulphateNickel ChlorideNickel Carbonate
Nitro BenzeneN.C LaquerN.C ThinnerNitric Acid
Oxalic AcidO-PhosphoricAcidPotassium SulphatePotassium Bichromate
Potassium HydroxidePropylene GlycolPotash – AlumPotassium Silicate
Potassium PermangenetPhenol CrystalPotassium NitrateRed Oxide
Sodium BisulphiteSoda Ash/ RBSodium BichromateSodium Sulphide Flakes
Sodium Sulphide BitsSodium HydroxideSodium ChromateSodium Tripoly Phosphate
Sodium Hexameta PhosphateStearic Acid R.G / P.GSodium AcetateSulphuric Acid
Sodium Silico FlourideSodium SulphateSodium NitrateSodium Nitrite
Silicon EmulsionSorbitolStearic AcidToulene
Tri Sodium PhosphateTitanium DioxideTri EthanolamineTri Cholroethylene
Turkey Red OilXyleneYellow OxideZinc Acetate
Zinc ChlorideZinc SulphateZinc OxideZinc Stearate